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Brussels Conservation Area Playground

The Brussels Leo Club is currently embarking on a mission to replace and enhance multiple different youth-featured 'areas of interest' in town. The first area of interest that the club is looking to update is the small playground in the Brussels Conservation Area. The firepole and metal slide is looking to be enhanced with 4 new pieces of equipment. Part of this new piece is a swing set. The playground will also be assessable.

Project Completion: July 17th, 2020


BMG Playground Repainting

The Brussels Leo Club is embarking on a playground enhancement project across the town. The first step to this project was to enhance the currently existing playground at the BMG. This was a success with the vibrant colors making the playground appear new.  Apart of this project, there will be new swings and new equipment placed at the BMG Pool and Brussels Conservation Area. The status of these projects can be found in the upcoming projects part of our website. This can be found here.

Project Completion: June 17/19th, 2019


Brussels Library Bike Rack

The Brussels Leo Club raised money to purchase a custom bike rack for the library. With youth activity at the library around the year, especially in the summer, the Leos decided it would be a great idea to purchase a bike rack to keep bikes safe while they are in the library. The finished product is a great community enhancing project.

Project Completion: July 26th, 2016


Brussels, Morris and Grey Arena Sports Pad

The Brussels Leo Club spent over a year raising money to completely remove and redesign the sports pad at the Brussels, Morris and Grey Arena. The club raised money and got multiple grants to complete the road hocket, basketball, tennis, pickleball and more-use sports pad. This pad is frequently used all year-round for a wide range of different sports.

Project Completion: September 15th, 2015

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