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Brussels Leo Club Announces New 3-Phase Plan for Dog Park

The Brussels Leo Club has gained approval from the Huron East council on their proposal for a Dog Park inside the community. The approved location is a plot of land near the corner of Flora Street and Turnberry Street, directly next to Richmond Square.

With the approval, the club has released a 3-Phase plan as to how the Dog Park will be introduced into the community.

Phase 1 - The first phase will feature the critical elements of an actual dog park including the fencing surrounding the park alongside "Poop and Scoop" stations. There will also be provided signage for the Rules and Regulations when you are inside of the Dog Park (or just outside of it).

Phase 2 - The second phase will be a hybrid of our previously announced project, a water fountain, and a combination of the dog park project. We are planning to install a water fountain, with the ability to drink from it for both humans and animals during the warmer months of the year.

Phase 3 - The third phase will feature the beautification of the area with picnic tables, landscaping, and benches in and around the dog park.

We will have more detailed information soon surrounding the Dog Park and a timeline for these phases.

- Brussels Leo Club


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